Portfolio Optimization

Cyber security is also a challenge for technology companies. Complex customer architectures, new laws and regulations and the ever increasing sophistication and professionalization of Cyber criminals, who constantly find new means and ways to attack Government structures, critical infrastructures and companies mean that IT providers have to stay on top of the game and face new tasks and obligations. IT providers have to ask themselves basic questions with regard to their products, services and customer environment and whether they are in need of adjustment to fit the new Cyber challenge. The questions can only be answered, if Cyber security is a intrinsic part oft he Company structure. Here some basic questions that IT providers should ask themselves:
  • Are my products and services vulnerable to Cyber attacks?
  • How critical are my solutions for my customer in case of a Cyber attack?
  • Do my products and services fulfill the new requirements that emanate through new laws and regulations and if so which?
  • How should the products and services be optimized in order to be considered a trustworthy, competent and partner in the Cyber security market?
  • Which Cyber markets are relevant for my existing portfolio?
  • Am I organistionally suffiently prepared to deal with customers passing on Haftung und Auflagen an mich weitergeben?
Should you not have an answer to one of the above mentioned questions, we are happy to help and offer our expertise, experience and knowledge in this field and open the doors to new markets and customers by optimizing your portfolio to fit the new Cyber challenge.

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